You create a new customer or receive a lead (10% probability)

Understand Needs

You understand what the customer is looking for (50% probability)

Satisfy Needs

You understand and have what the customer is interested in (75% probability) 

Trial Close

A quote has been given, you're working on a deal and involving F&I for approval (90% probability)

Obtain Commitment

Customer is signing paperwork (100% probability) 

Maintain Relationship

The opportunity has been marked as WON and a sale order has been automatically sent to Scorpus from Talon. It's your job to maintain the relationship.


Go to the Pipeline

Hit the + sign to add a new Opportunity to the desired stage in one of the C.U.S.T.O.M. columns

Name your Opportunity 

We recommend using the Scorpus name structure - "How the opportunity began: Customer’s Name". (Example: "Walk in: Ashley Peterson" or "Jumpstart: Bob Smith")

Adding a Customer to an Opportunity

Using Desktop: Click the desired Opportunity, click the yellow "Edit" button, begin typing the customer’s name into the "Customer" field. If they already exist, select their name from the given suggestions and this will connect the opportunity to your current customer. If they're a new customer, click "Create" to create a new customer. Using the App:  If the customer is new, tap "ADD CUSTOMER". From there, you can either manually enter information or Scan their driver’s license to add the customer. If they're a returning customer, you can search for the Customer name.

Adding a Product to an Opportunity 

Using Desktop: Towards the bottom of the Opportunity, you'll see a tab labeled "Potential Order Lines", in that tab you'll see a "Product" table, click “add item”. Type the product name into the field that appears and and select the item that interests the Customer. Using the App: Find "Products" in the column of options for that Opportunity, hit the "+" sign to the right of "Products", a search view will appear, search for the product and tap to add.


Unfortunately not every opportunity will end with a sale.  Scorpus has created 2 different ways to mark someone as “LOST”. 

Moving an Opportunity to the "Lost" stage of the Pipeline 

Think of this as a holding tank. This is where you put an opportunity that you couldn’t sell now but intend to reconnect with when the time is right or perhaps the inventory they were looking for is available.

Marking the Opportunity as "Lost" 

If you'd like an Opportunity to be marked as "Lost" and removed from the Pipeline, then on a Desktop click on the desired Opportunity, click the "Edit" button, and then click the yellow “Mark as Lost” button. This will prompt you to give a reason (ex: bought somewhere else or was not approved for loan).  When you do this, the Opportunity will not be deleted, just archived. The dealership can always make these opportunities active again if the Opportunity was marked as "Lost" in error.  The data will be archived indefinitely.


Drivers license scanning for quick Customer info entry

To quickly add customer information, including mailing address, birthdate, and driver’s license number, you simply hover your phone over the long barcode on the back of the license.

Add photos

You can add pictures of the front and back of the Customer's driver license as well as photos of the customer.

Using customer info to help you sell

Remember to pull up current customers when they come into the dealership or you see them at an event. Even if it’s just to chat, refreshing your memory of a customer's profile will help you deliver better customer interactions. This is also a great way to see what contact information and photos might be missing from a customer's profile so that you can add them after the interaction.